Lisa Silverstein

Hatha Yoga Classes

This series of ten classes will introduce students to the exciting system of yoga, including: breathing, asana, relaxation and meditation.

Postures will be adapted and modified according to individual needs. Some of the postures are taught in a “Vinyasa flow” sequence, which is a synchronisation of breath and movement.

These classes have a strong emphasis on the student connecting to and experience the flowing and meditative style of Hatha Yoga.

Lisa Silverstein has been practising yoga for many years and coming from a dancing background has an invaluable knowledge of the body. Her training as a movement therapist allows her to help individuals work at their own level, while drawing upon many aspects of the yoga teachings.

Lisa's qualifications include:

Individual Yoga Sessions

Lisa also works on an individual basis creating a personal yoga practice tailored to each individual's unique health and lifestyle needs. Suitable for both complete beginners and the more experienced student.

Through the mindful practise of yoga we learn to release tension, calm the mind and awaken our physical self.