Term-Time courses

New Term-Time dates for Summer 2016, Autumn 2016 & Spring 2017!

Crazee Kids runs regular term-time courses, as well as half-term and summer holiday workshops which culminate in a children's show.

Thomas can bring his imagination to life - through Crazee Kids he can become a dinosaur eating purple clouds, or a rocket flying to the moon. - a Crazee Kids parent

For more information & booking forms visit the Events page.


Summer Workshop 2016 details coming soon!

Themed workshops for 3 - 10 year olds run over 3 days, 4 days or 1 week during half-term and summer holidays. Summer holiday workshops culminate in a children's show.

The broad mix of creative themes encompasses costume and prop-making, in addition to the core Crazee Kids activities.

These workshops encourage children to participate in group co-operation as well as stimulating individual creative expression.

...an imaginative energetic union of Dance and Drama - every child becomes captivated. Our children love it! - Jill Huges, head of The Children’s House School London N1